About Chaka Agencies

Chaka Agencies comprises of Debt Management, commercial agencies, Real estate Development and project management.

The agencies manages various key portfolio in business and development sector. We act on behalf of our clients with utmost good faith.

Chaka Contacts

Tel: 020-3740694, 2384940/1
Cell: 0721 926444, 0733 933815
Fax: +254 20 3743240
E-mail: info@chakaagencies.com

Our Customers

Chaka agencies serve diverse clientele depending on the agencies.

Debt management Agency Customers

debtChaka serves organizations in need of debt management and recovery services on behalf of organizations, financial institutions, legal institutions. Mostly we deal with debtors in diverse economic and social stratus. From individuals to large organizations. At the end of the day, we try to balance the creditor and debtors interest to protect and maintain the buyer-seller relationship.

Commercial Agency customers

construct2Commercial Agency serves individuals, groups and organizations in need of real estate investment and home ownership. Our real estate customers range from low and medium-income earners to large organizations in Kenya. We have special interest in groups. We offer real estate products to all Kenyans and especially youths and women in business and employment and small and medium business owners. Chaka’s promise is to provide affordable and quality housing and return investments on real estates to Kenya.