About Chaka Agencies

Chaka Agencies comprises of Debt Management, commercial agencies, Real estate Development and project management.

The agencies manages various key portfolio in business and development sector. We act on behalf of our clients with utmost good faith.

Chaka Contacts

Tel: 020-3740694, 2384940/1
Cell: 0721 926444, 0733 933815
Fax: +254 20 3743240
E-mail: info@chakaagencies.com

Our Projects

Group Housing Project

groupChaka has embarked on development of group-based low cost housing in kenya. We are buying land developing for basic utilities provision,designing and approving the design plan, and selling it to groups of youths, women, small business owners and even workmates.

Land design

The plot is 50 by 100 feet and has a design for a building consisting of 10 one-bedroom units. All these units are built on a small piece of land approximately 300 square foot.

How it works

The group consists of at least 10 members. They are registered as a society or limited company. The land is owned by the group and each member owns a share in the group. The group buys the land allocates the 10 space to its members. It will be upon the members to build the space. They can drastically reduce cost by sharing on the wall. They can also decide to add more units or rooms upwards.

Available Projects

We have an ongoing project in zimmerman, Nairobi. If you are interested, Contact us.